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This is our next meeting with talk
This symposium on Radiation will attempt to make up-to-date assessments of the risks of harmful radiation from on the one hand mobile phones and on the other medical scans.How can we minimize the harm and maximize the benefits of radiation? Even if the risks are small and uncertain shouldn't we always use 'the precautionary principle'?

Our two speakers are as follows:

David Gee,
Visiting Fellow of Brunel University, who has been following case studies of RF (Radio Frequency) from mobile phones since 2007 and whether these might link to possible head tumours, brain cancer or any deleterious effects on brain activity.

Emma Wroe,
CT Lead Physicist at the Department of Radiological Science, Brighton University Hospital will provide an insider's view on radiation exposure from medical scans and the relative benefits and detriments. Emma is particularly involved in the area of optimization of CT scans. As always contributions and questions from the floor will be welcomed and a lively debate is expected