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BEXHILL ENVIRONMENTAL GROUP an independent environmental action group run entirely by volunteers
Working to protect and improve the Bexhill environment and promote a sustainable green future: greening Bexhill, action on waste and recycling, tackling climate change, promoting sustainable transport and protecting the marine environment.
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Bexhill Friends of the Down is a new group which we have formed to help look after the new trees planted on the Down and to help care for this important community space.
Some initial aims for Bexhill Friends of the Down are to:

• Keep an eye on our space and ensure it is well cared for.
• Have regular litter-picks and help keep our space clean.
• Physically look after and protect our trees, shrubs and wildlife, including weeding and mulching around new saplings and protecting from harm with barriers eg animals, weather, contractors’ strimmers etc.
• Organise new projects for enhancing our space, eg planting new native trees, shrubs and wildflowers in keeping with the current vegetation.
• Raise funds/apply for funding to complete these projects.
• Work closely with Rother District Council and lobby them for help where necessary eg repair of concrete paths, areas damaged by workmen, supply of sufficient bins for rubbish/recycling/dog mess.

Covid19 rules mean groups cannot meet outside at present, but Bfotd are interested to know of volunteers who would like to help in the future. People interested in volunteering or supporting this group can email bexhillfotd@gmail com and be added to our Bfotd mailing list. Please indicate what activities above you are most interested in taking part in.

You can also join our Facebook group page, link below, and invite others to join as well. Feel free to post photos of the Down on our Facebook page whenever you are out walking there.

Wendy Dennis
Co-ordinator of Bexhill Friends of the Down (Bfotd) and
Member of Bexhill Environmental Group (BEG)

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