The Litter Poster
The Story Behind The New Litter Posters

The Bexhill Environmental Group volunteers organise beach cleaning sessions along the beach, in order for all Bexhill residents to enjoy our beaches and prevent rubbish going into the sea. Since lockdown, it has not been possible to do so, as gatherings are not allowed.
Four weeks ago, after an unusually warm and sunny day, many Bexhill residents woke up to find a seafront and beach full of rubbish, discarded beer bottles and cans.
Sadly some of the rubbish left over can end up In the sea and injure wildlife and it can also break down into smaller particles and remain in the sea, polluting it for many decades.
A local family had the idea of designing a poster to encourage people to be more respectful towards our beaches and wildlife. Brothers Rafael and Sebastian Serrano spent the weekend of 7th and 8th June drawing a poster with some help from their parents. After a large collection of drafts, they produced something they felt sent a positive message that might encourage people to think twice before leaving rubbish on the beach.
The poster was adopted by the Bexhill Environmental group and later by Rother District Council.
Rafael and Sebastian spend time, after their online lessons, handing over the flyers to the local shops and they were very proud when they saw the new posters on the seafront.