The BEG Tree Plan!
Our aim is to plant approximately 200 trees in Bexhill every year.

Why Plant Trees?

* Trees are attractive and improve our environment.

* Trees filter air pollution

* They soak up water, offer shade, reduce global warming and are a habitat for insects and birds

* They reduce ozone levels in urban areas

* They reduce noise

Each March and November we plant trees in parks, cemeteries, hospitals, schools and roadside verges. If you would like to become involved or if you have a verge outside your house or know of a piece of public land that would benefit from the planting of trees
please contact us at:

Schools If you would like some trees for your school grounds we can supply these free of charge for you to plant or we can come in and assist in the planting or plant them for you.

A site you might find interesting is: They have some posters that you can download.

For further information please contact us on: